Charming hotel in the Sierra de las Nieves, between Malaga and Ronda

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El Burgo

Very clean river, many streams, mountains with dense oaks, firs and pines forests, wide and straight streets, spacious garden squares, olive groves, cornfields, orchards, cuisine, crafts and festivals are typical presentation of this town, which  by its strategic location has been inhabited since the builders of stone axes until today, through Celts, Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths and Arabs.
There aren’t anypeople who can remain unmoved by the first sight of El Burgo.
Surrounded by mountains populated forests, situated on a hill, challenging the history’s passage.The Turon River surrounding land and roads.
This strategic Atalaya situation has marked its existence. It was the family’s  clans home of the Cobre’s Age, the Carthaginian’s Tower of Hannibal, men and merchandise obligatory path during the Roman occupation and border castle during the Arab era.
Today, the only occupation is to walk between a privileged nature, enjoy some quality tourism services and visit the streets, fruit of the Arab and Christian era.


The Turon River is a Guadalhorce tributary born with the name of Rio de El Burgo in the place known as La Fuensanta in Sierra de las Nieves, in El Burgo.

Near the intersection of Casarabonela and Ardales road, in the place of “Arroyo Blanquillo”, you can find the Turon River’s waterfall, which varies according to the season and the intensity of the rain. The dam and the lake are a precious natural bath areas.
Among the fauna of this river include carp, catfish, bream, ducks, herons, native crabs and even otters.



El Tiempo en El Burgo



C/ Mesones, 1 - EL BURGO (Málaga). ESPAÑA .
Teléfono: 952 16 02 32

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